A society for supporting women with experiences of abuse

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. is a nonprofit society dedicated to providing support, education and advocacy for women who have experienced abuse by an intimate partner.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. builds awareness about the realities and dynamics of abuse through storytelling and education.  We offer support groups for women who have experienced abuse and distribute the book When Love Hurts to various institutions and service providers with the purpose of educating the public about abuse.

Two women of colour sit on a grey sofa and talk together

How can you help?

1) Help raise awareness:

  • book one of our certified trainers to do an educational event in your community
  • book us as storytellers for a group meeting or event

2) Support our programs:

  • We need funds to run support groups.  It costs us approximately $1000.00 to run a 10-week group.
  • We need funds to purchase the book When Love Hurts to pass on to various institutions and service providers such as libraries, prisons, doctors offices, etc.
  • We need funds to build “The Institute”, a place we dream of where the needs of the whole woman could be met. A place where a woman could go for counselling and could find help and support regarding her material needs. A place that would offer help for her children. A place where education on abuse could be done for professionals or anyone else who comes into contact with women facing abuse issues.

Contact us at info@respect4women.org