Help us support women in our community

We appreciate your help in providing support to women in our community. There are so many ways your donation can make a difference.

Support groups

It costs us approximately $1000 to run a 10-week group. Women who have experienced abuse are most often isolated by their abuser, and thus feel completely alone in their suffering. When they meet with others who understand the unique dynamics of living with domestic violence, they are affirmed and strengthened. Led by compassionate counselors and trained helpers, the women are given tools to help understand the confusion of their experience and turn their paths towards healing.


Another very important part of our work is to facilitate and run training workshops. We are dedicated to building awareness and educating professionals and others who work to help women who have experienced abuse. We also hope to be able to train more women to help run support groups around the Lower Mainland.


We need funds to provide free counselling to needy women who find themselves with very little in the way of finances.  We are able to provide individual counselling for a reasonable rate. Counselling often takes place in person but can also be provided over the phone if the woman lives outside the Lower Mainland, or finds it impossible to travel to an appointment.


We need funds to purchase the book When Love Hurts that we donate to various institutions and service providers such as libraries, prisons, doctors’ offices, etc. Many women say that this valuable resource was the first thing to open their eyes to the abuse that they were experiencing, helping them to identify, clarify and seek further help to deal with their situation.