Clear out your closets – it’s FUNDrive time!!!

Exciting news. We are participating in the Value Village fundraising program, FUNDrive. Our goal is to raise $500 for the work of RESPECT by gathering unwanted clothing and household items.

Can you help us reach our goal? Do you have unwanted items you would like to clear out of your house? If so, read on……..

The Step By Step Plan

  1. Let us know you’re joining in by contacting
  2. Gather up your items (Marie Kondo style maybe? See image below for inspo)
  3. Place into large black garbage sacks (for clothing and soft items) or boxes (for household items)
  4. Ask friends and family to get decluttering too and add their items to yours!
  5. Let us know how many bags and boxes you have by contacting
  6. Store until drop off week – Sept 25-Oct 2
  7. Deliver to one of our volunteer drop off and storage locations during drop off week

Also needed:

  • 3 or 4 volunteers to be a drop off point and store bags and boxes during drop off week
  • people to promote our FUNDrive via email, Facebook, and other social media platforms

Do you have a basement or spare room where you could store the items for the FUNDrive for up to a week? These items would then be collected from you on the morning of Oct 3 by our volunteer drivers. They then will drop off all we have collected to the Value Village in Queensborough at 2pm that same afternoon. 

If you can help please contact

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